OUTRAGEOUS NEWS ALERT: Texas High School Staffer Arrested in Shocking 20-Year-Old “Angel Baby Doe” Cold Case!

In a jaw-dropping twist that has rocked a small Texas town, a high school staffer has been sensationally arrested after DNA tests revealed she was the mother of the infamous “Angel Baby Doe.” The newborn, found left to bleed to death in a cow pasture over 20 years ago, now has a name attached to the tragic tale – and the revelation is nothing short of explosive!

The Shocking Arrest

Shelby Stotts, 48, was arrested on Tuesday on a second-degree manslaughter charge, following the bombshell DNA evidence that confirmed she is the biological mother of “Angel Baby Doe.” This staggering development comes from the Texas Attorney General’s Office, sending shockwaves through the community and beyond.

A Gruesome Discovery

The heartbreaking discovery of the infant, named “Angel Baby Doe,” occurred in November 2001. The tiny, helpless baby was found on the side of a road near Fort Worth, umbilical cord still attached, a scene straight out of a nightmare. Investigators later confirmed the baby was alive when abandoned and bled to death due to the umbilical cord not being clamped. The horror of this act has haunted the community for over two decades.

Decades-Old Mystery Cracked

The breakthrough came last September when Stotts’ DNA was finally linked to the crime, though the details of how she became a person of interest remain murky. Court documents accuse her of recklessly causing her newborn’s death by abandoning her, failing to seek medical care, and not clamping the umbilical cord, leading to the baby’s tragic demise.

A High School Shocker

Adding another layer of scandal, Stotts was working as a paraprofessional at Cleburne High School. The Cleburne Independent School District quickly distanced itself from Stotts, stating, “Shelby Stotts is no longer employed by Cleburne ISD,” though details of her departure remain unclear.

Pursuit of Justice

Attorney General Ken Paxton has lauded the relentless efforts of investigators: “After more than twenty years, we are closer to securing justice for Angel Baby Doe.” The dedication and tenacity of law enforcement in Johnson County are finally bringing this tragic case to a close.