Hurricane Beryl SLAMS into the Caribbean, sky-rocketing to a mind-blowing Category 5 late Monday! The storm, supercharged by the hottest Atlantic waters ever, shredded doors, windows, and roofs with its monster winds and towering storm surges!

Beryl’s rampage began on Carriacou in Grenada, making history as the earliest Category 4 storm. By night, it had cranked up to an apocalyptic Category 5. Brace yourselves – this beast is predicted to whip through the Caribbean with wild power swings and massive weakening ahead.

Grenada’s Prime Minister, Dickon Mitchell, confirmed one fatality but can’t yet count more due to total communication breakdown and catastrophic damage on Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Streets from St. Lucia to Grenada are a war zone, strewn with debris, downed power lines, and dead cows.

Beryl’s insane 165 mph winds set records, powered by freakishly hot waters. Hurricane warnings are blaring for Jamaica, with Beryl expected to stay a monster before finally weakening.

Officials in Grenada reported “total devastation” on Carriacou, evacuating hospital patients to safer floors as roofs caved in. In Barbados, drones will scout the damage once Beryl passes. Stranded tourists, like Jaswinderpal Parmar from California, prayed all night, experiencing their first hurricane nightmare.

Beryl’s rapid, record-breaking intensification is jaw-dropping, marking it as the earliest Category 4 and 5 storm EVER in the Atlantic. Fueled by scorching waters, Beryl is setting terrifying records and signals a menacing hurricane season ahead. NOAA forecasts up to 25 named storms, 13 hurricanes, and four mega-hurricanes. Buckle up – it’s going to be a wild ride!